Truck Suspension


Heavy truck suspensions take a real beating! Whether hauling a heavy load, or bouncing down the highway unloaded, the springs and other suspension components are constantly in repetitive motion. Air springs or leaf springs are what allow the truck or trailer to support heavy loads. In some cases, you may find a Torsion bar used as the main weight bearing spring, although this is quite rare today. If there are 2 or more axles adjacent, they are sometimes connected by equalizer beams.

While the springs actually carry the weight, the abrupt motions can be smoothed out using shock absorbers. Most often, these are mounted at each wheel and are a maintenance item, requiring inspection and eventual replacement.

Connecting all these items are typically U-bolts and nuts, mounting plates, clamps, tension bars (both rigid, and adjustable), brackets, and movable shackles.  These items should all be inspected regularly, as a missing item could lead to loss of control of the vehicle.

Suspension inspection is important for the long-range life of the truck and trailer. Drivers do their own inspections while transporting, but a more thorough inspection by trusted repair technicians should be part of every suspension repair, and part of scheduled maintenance.

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