Brake and Steering Service and Repair Brakes


When discussing vehicles that can weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds, brakes are perhaps the most important safety system on the rig. Lighter vehicles can use hydraulic brakes for their slowing and stopping needs, but heavier trucks are required to use more efficient compressed air braking systems.  No matter what system your truck uses, regular maintenance and pad or shoe replacement is critical to slowing and stopping performance.

Hydraulic Brakes – This system uses fluid to transfer pedal pressure to the pads or shoes at the wheel. Most systems consist of a foot pedal, a rod (which may be adjustable), a booster system (optional), a master cylinder, wheel cylinders or calipers, hoses to distribute the hydraulic fluid pressure, and brake friction material. A leak in any part of this system can render it inoperative, as can fully worn pads or shoes.

Compressed Air Brakes – Similar in design to hydraulic brake systems, but instead they use a compressor, electrically operated air valves, actuators, and air lines to operate and force the pads or shoes to slow and stop the vehicle. They are much larger, and much more effective at stopping heavier loads. However, they do require more consistent and more detailed maintenance to be at full operational readiness.

When maintenance of brakes is deferred or ignored, the driver, the load, and the general driving public is at risk. Numerous lawsuits happen every year from a truck with weak or faulty brakes. It’s not worth it! Have your brakes inspected and repaired regularly, and talk with our shop regarding a scheduled maintenance program.

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