Hunter Laser Alignment


Tires cost money! Nothing is more counter-productive in the trucking world than a truck that is out of alignment. Poor alignment issues can cause damage to front-end parts, rob tires of thousands of potential miles, and make the vehicle difficult to control and stop. These kinds of issues will also result in a loss of fuel mileage, costing far more money than necessary for each and every trip.

We have the latest in Heavy Truck Alignment technology, as one of the few Heavy Truck Alignment shops in this part of Texas. Our Hunter Engineering rack, equipped with WinAlign software will  quickly and safely remove your alignment issues after other component service or installation of new front tires.
Front-end service can also encompass steering linkage, kingpins, power steering pumps, rams or hoses, wheel hubs, brake drums or rotors and even damaged or faulty tires or wheels. All of these items are checked as part of any front-end inspection by our certified technicians.

Don’t let the road steer you wrong. At the first sign of vibration, loose steering, unknown noise, or abnormal tire wear, come in and see us.

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